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We offer VIP transport services in Rio de Janeiro.

Our goal is to provide an unparalleled transport service, safe and reliable for our customers. In our history we have been repeatedly selected as VIP transport providers for executives and corporate CEOs. We have the experience in the most appropriate transport for a personality or for a group of people.

We attend to different kinds of events: corporate, governmental, international, public and sports that require punctuality, privacy and style.

We have various types of vehicles that are kept impeccably. If needed we also have armored vehicles.

RL Rental only uses drivers who know the city of Rio de Janeiro, to drive our passengers as quickly as possible, and are trained to attend with punctuality and guarantee your satisfaction.

We work with partner companies which complement our VIP transport with helicopters and boats to transport personalities for business or leisure in nearby towns.

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Qualified Drivers

Our drivers are qualified
and have exceptional experience with
corporate clients and personalities.

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We will take you anywhere in style. RL Rental’s drivers are qualified and have exceptional experience with corporate and private clients. They work with discretion and care to make sure our clients feel as comfortable as possible. They know well the City of Rio de Janeiro to take our passengers safely and quickly.

Car rental


RL Rental also rents cars for our clients without drivers. Enjoy quality, comfort and elegance. Our vehicles are fully equipped and have everything you can expect from the premium class. The Cars are kept in wonderful condition and super clean.



We have a special service with armored and discrete cars for personalities requiring special security in their transport.

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